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May 12-13, 2012: “Legacies of the Manhattan Project”

by Alex Wellerstein, published May 10th, 2012

Just a quick note to point out that there's a cool online event this weekend: "Legacies of the Manhattan Project: A Case Study in the Consequences of Conflict."

Here's the abstract:

The Manhattan Project united the physics and engineering talent of a generation to produce the atomic bomb in just 26 short months. On May 12-13, 2012, a working group of physicists, historians, social scientists, systems theorists, and writers will gather at the Santa Fe Institute to explore the project’s lasting influence on science and humanity. The meeting will present new information, review original records, and mine the memories of project participants to present a local case study from an important period in scientific history. This event will be of interest to historians, scientists, foreign and domestic policy-makers, and members of the public who are interested in exploring challenges and implications of living in the nuclear age.

The Santa Fe Institute is collaborating with the Nuclear Diner to broadcast this SFI event live on Twitter. To follow the discussion, search for the hashtag #bomblegacy on Twitter.

The list of experts is a good one: Harold AgnewStan NorrisJessica FlackGregg HerkenMurray Gell-MannEllen Bradbury-Reid, and Gino Segre. There is also a Facebook page. I'm going to definitely try and participate online.

Also, just a reminder, if you're in the Washington, DC, metro area, AIP has its FEYNMAN graphic novel event tomorrow (Friday). All are welcome!


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