Nuclear history bibliography, 2015

by Alex Wellerstein, published February 5th, 2016

It’s (roughly) that time of the year again: my annual nuclear history bibliography for the previous year. (It’s a little later than usual this time around, but I’ve been busy teaching and writing.) The game is more or less the same as it was for 2014, 2013, and 2012: I’ve tried to compile any and all references to scholarly or at least semi-scholarly articles and books I’ve founded that were published in 2015 that would be relevant and of interest to those people (like myself) who consider themselves interested in “nuclear history,” construed broadly. As before, I’ve avoided listing websites (except the Electronic Briefing Bulletins of the National Security Archive, because they are a really uniquely valuable form of “publication”), have avoided anything that was simply an updated edition of a book published prior to 2015, and have stuck mostly to scholarly articles (with my own publications being an exception, because, well, I made the list).

The hands of the censor: Charles L. Marshall, Director of Classification, declassifying a document as part of the Atomic Energy Commission's 1971-1976 "declassification drive." Source: Nuclear Testing Archive. Click for the uncropped version.

The hands of the censor: Charles L. Marshall, Director of Classification, declassifying a document as part of the Atomic Energy Commission’s 1971-1976 “declassification drive.” Click the image for the full-sized version. Source: Nuclear Testing Archive, Las Vegas, Nevada, document NV0148015.

This list is no doubt missing a lot, but it’s a start. If you think I missed something, or think something ought not be on here, add it as a comment below (comments that are just references will be read but probably not “approved” — consider them just a way to send me a quick message). I have not read the vast majority of the references below (one only has so much time…), and do not vouch for them in any way. In most cases, I’ve just glanced enough to confirm that they seem to have a historical component that relates to nuclear technology.

The list was compiled by (tediously) searching through broad keyword searches in a variety of online databases, along with looking at the titles and abstracts of specific journals that are known to carry a lot of this sort of thing.

In the past, it has usually taken about a week for this list to fully stabilize, as people remind me of all the things I’ve missed. So check back then if you want the most up-to-date version. (I will also update the 2014 bibliography at the same time, with a few extra references I found.) At that point, I will also post the bibtex and RIS version for those who want to import these into a citation manager. Note that some of the processing below is done mechanically (I export from Zotero then use PHP to clean up the links/etc. because it is easier than figuring out how to modify Zotero’s internal style sheets), so there may be a few weird little bugs related to that here and there.

And if you’re bored to death by bibliographies — don’t worry. I’m starting up the regular blog posts again next week.


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Below are some of the wonderful articles and document resources provided by the wonderful National Security Archive. They are one of the few reliably fascinating sources of nuclear history on the Internet, as well as an impressive wielder of the Freedom of Information Act, so I think they deserve their own special section here.

Diagram of the most up-to-date West German centrifuge machine from 1960, in a Union Carbide report. From National Security Archive's Electronic Briefing Book No. 518.

Diagram of the most up-to-date West German centrifuge machine from 1960, from a Union Carbide report. From National Security Archive’s Electronic Briefing Book No. 518.

And, of course, if you want to review what I wrote on this blog in 2015, my Post Archives page makes this pretty easy.

  1. Reviewed by me for Science: “Physicist. Defector. Spy?“ []
  2. Discussed by me in a blog post: “H-bomb Headaches.” []
  3. Reviewed by me in Science (“Cult of the Machine“) and discussed in a blog post (“Did Lawrence Doubt the Bomb?“ []
  4. I  was interviewed for part of this study on Szilard’s early efforts to control the spread of nuclear information, and his role in the creation of the Uranium Committee. []

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