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Looking for an affordable gift for the nuclear aficionado in your life?

Looking for a unique conversation-starter for your office wall?

Want to support the Nuclear Secrecy Blog and the NUKEMAP?

Look no further!

An entirely new, 2015 edition of my popular Nuclear Testing Calendar has been released!

12 months of stunning, high-resolution, carefully-picked nuclear test explosion photographs, plus over 60 nuclear anniversaries — some well-known and some less-known. Note that this calendar features entirely different images from the 2013 and 2014 editions. Each image was carefully selected (by someone who cares about these things) from high-resolution scans obtained from Los Alamos National Laboratory, and then restored to remove dust, scratches, and damage.

Only $18.99 from — Ships in 3-5 business days

Also re-issued for the 70th anniversary of the Trinity test, is a 2015 edition of the “The Bomb’s First Light” calendar

This is a 2015 calendar featuring 12 stunning photographs related to the first test of an atomic bomb — the “Trinity” detonation of July 16, 1945. Includes over 70 “on this day”-style anniversaries noting many key events during the Manhattan Project — some well-known, some obscure. The photographs are derived from extremely high-resolution (1200 dpi!) originals, and many are quite rare and unusual. The photographs have been processed through sophisticated filters to bring out subtle details, and have been tinted to enhance the mood. All of the photographs contain captions describing the picture and its technical and historical context.


trinity_calendary_sample_2014(Note: 2014 pages are shown above, because re-creating those images from scratch is hard! But the actual calendar is a 2015 calendar.)


Resolution so high, you can see them scowling!

High-resolution, carefully processed by a loving hand!

Only $18.99 from — Ships in 3-5 business days


(Want a better deal? often has coupons. Interested in buying the calendars in bulk? Get in touch with me for further discounts.)

But what if I don’t want a calendar?

Maybe you already have a calendar. Maybe you thrive on the uncertainty of not knowing what day it is. Maybe you exist outside of time itself.

Who I am to judge?

Don’t worry, there are still lots of options through the normal Restricted Data Shop: shirts, mugs, posters, and much more! Including:

The Critical Mass t-shirt, one of the best-sellers:


Or how about an implosion bomb design, taken directly from the Soviet archives?


Or maybe a mug of Los Alamos security badge photographs? Or one perhaps of the first American nuclear targeting map of the USSR?

two mugs

These and much, much more await in the Restricted Data Shop!

Note that while the previews of the above products are blurry, the actual products are crisp and are produced using high-resolution images. (Here is a photo I took of my own copy of the implosion shirt; compare to the original image. Hey, I’m not just the creator, I’m a customer!)

If you aren’t satisfied with the quality, you can always return them (according to the return policies of the vendor).

All proceeds from any of the above products go directly to supporting the Nuclear Secrecy Blog and the NUKEMAP. 

The not-so-fine print: All matters relating to orders, returns, shipping, payment, customer service, and so forth are handled through the vendors ( and CafePress), not me. I merely make the designs, write the text, do all of the creative stuff. They are involved in the nuts and bolts of making the products and getting them to you.

If you have trouble with anything regarding the purchasing process, contact the vendors first. 

I’ve found them to be very accommodating with regards to any issues that have come up. But if they don’t resolve your issue or answer your question, then get in contact with me, and I’ll see what I can do.