Resources for Teachers, Students, and Researchers

As part of my general blogging on here, I've tried to put together a number of posts that are specifically useful for teachers, students, and other researchers. This list will be updated as more suitable content is added.

Online Resources

Using Archives

  • Archives Week, Day 2: Notes on Technique (12/20/2011): Part 1 of series of posts where I describe how I go about using archival materials in person. In this one I describe my philosophy of archival use, and explain how I take my photographs.
  • Archives Week, Addendum: More Notes on Technique (12/26/2011): Part 2 of said series of posts. Here I describe my post-archival processing of the photographs.
  • The Archives Week series of posts in general (123456) could be useful for beginning researchers, in as much as it describes quite a bit of my way of preparing, implementing, and thinking about archival documents. It could also potentially be useful for advanced researchers, in the sense that we all gain something in learning about how other people go about their archival business, even though we don't talk about the nuts and bolts of it as often as we probably ought to.
  • My post, Oppenheimer, Unredacted, Part I, describes in detail the maze of the National Archives, College Park, facility, and the somewhat unorthodox archival methods I sometimes employ there. My colleague Bill Rankin has written up a really good guide to using the NARA Archives II (College Park) facility as well.

Freedom of Information Act

Teaching Resources