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Erik Nitsche’s posters for General Dynamics

Friday, November 18th, 2011

The bomb has produced a lot of pretty amazing imagery. It's not just the atomic sunsets from nuclear testing — there's something about the bomb that has plucked at the collective imagination, for both good and ill. (Spencer Weart's Nuclear Fear: A History of Images is still the classic on this subject — and a revised edition should be coming out fairly soon.)

Every Friday from here on out I'll post an interesting atomic image. I have a separate (not updated very often) atomic imagery site, Atomland-on-Mars, but that site is all about the exceptionally unusual, the exceptionally striking, and the public domain. It turns out that there's a fairly narrow intersection of those three categories. The photos I post here will be a little bit more loose, with the only main constraint being that I find them interesting or amusing for one reason or another.

I'll start it off with one from my all-time favorite nuclear graphics designer, Erik Nitsche. Nitsche is best known today for his work on corporate graphics design in the 1950s and 1960s — he made some really stunning images for the company General Dynamics and its subsidiary General Atomics.  My favorite is this one, celebrating their meltdown-free TRIGA research reactor:

Erik Nitsche, "Triga" (1958)

A few more after the jump.

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